SpiritBARTech35EF, the electric foiler with 100
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SpiritBARTech35EF, the electric foiler with 100

Nov 27, 2023

British shipyard Spirit Yachts has developed a limited edition electric foiling motorboat. The SpiritBARTech35EF is based on the shipyard's well-known classic design. The narrow profile - just 2.3 m beam and 35 feet long - is marked by a deep-V hull with slim water inlets and a unique step in the center of the boat, as well as a domed transom. The elegant dayboat is built from cold-molded wood, with a carbon-fiber-reinforced hull, and a total weight of one ton. The wood used comes from exotic species such as yellow cedar and African Sipo, and is finished in a high-gloss lacquer.

While the design is in-house, the technology has been entrusted to BAR Technologies for its expertise in America's Cup simulation and design. The foils are made of solid titanium and comprise a T-shaped rudder at the stern to control heel, and L-shaped foils at the bow with flaps to control roll. This technology is derived from systems developed by BAR over the past 10 years, but also from the foil-assisted Princess R35 sportboat unveiled in 2018.

The SpiritBARTech35EF takes off at 14 knots, with the ability to pass through swells up to 1.5 m high. It is said to be capable of reaching 30 knots, and has a long range of 100 nautical miles at 22 knots. Flight altitude is adjusted automatically via various steering sensors. Once the foils are retracted, the dayboat recovers a draft of 0.3 m for sailing in shallow waters.

The well-protected cockpit in the center of the boat can be configured for six people, or closed for a sportier two-passenger experience.

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