Vampire straw self defense weapon confiscated at Boston airport
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Vampire straw self defense weapon confiscated at Boston airport

May 26, 2023

Arman Achuthan Nair, 26, was arrested at a US airport last week for carrying an illegal weapon known as a vampire straw. The man was stopped at Boston's Logan International Airport after the object was discovered in his carry-on luggage.

A Transportation Security Administration official tweeted an image of the item and claimed "these items are not allowed in passenger carry-on bags" adding a vampire emoji and the hashtag travelfail for funsies.

This is a Vampire straw. These items are not allowed in passenger carry-on bags. A passenger found that out yesterday @BostonLogan when @MassStatePolice confiscated the item and eventually arrested the 26-year-old man on a state charge. 🧛🏼‍♂️🥤🚫 #travelfail

Nair was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon. According to Independent Nair posted bail and is due in court on May 20.

The 10 inch long grade 9 titanium straw is capable of conquering the thickest of smoothies, according to its manufacturer Szabo Inc.

The company's website also claimed the item was "designed for self defense."

"The vampire straw is super tough and long enough to be used like a dagger; it's chiseled tip is sharp enough to puncture most synthetic materials," said the company.

The item was also trumpeted as "a very effective tire deflator" that "can be carried in a cup, in public without attracting attention."

"From a cup, the Vampire straw is very easy to deploy in reverse grip, and put into action almost instantly," continued the manufacturers sales pitch.

UFC champion Israel Adesanya was once held at a New York airport for carrying brass knuckles in his baggage. Adesanya revealed the items, which are illegal in New York, were given to him by a fan. Charges against Adesanya over this incident were eventually dismissed by prosecutors.

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