Atomic Aquatics Unveils New TFX Titanium Front Exhaust Regulator
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Atomic Aquatics Unveils New TFX Titanium Front Exhaust Regulator

Oct 11, 2023


Atomic Aquatics this weekend unveiled its new TFX Titanium Front Exhaust Regulator.

Traditional rear exhaust regulators have more breathing resistance in certain dive positions, like looking up, according to Atomic Aquatics. The TFX gives divers enhanced air delivery with dramatically reduced inhalation effort compared to all other regulators on the market.

Atomic Aquatics co-founder Dean Garraffa said:

"We say the TFX is all about attitude. And that means more than in diving positions, but also in taking on the challenge to reimagine front exhaust second stages that other manufacturers have tried over the years.

"We combined our titanium metallurgy expertise with our precision CNC machines to develop a radical new exterior design, balanced with new internal engineering to achieve a more natural style of breathing performance."

The new TFX design delivers improved pressure differential and minimal water column effect by positioning the exhaust valve in the center of the inhalation diaphragm. Both are mounted in the front of the regulator. As a result, the TFX is much less sensitive to different attitudes encountered during diving, according to the company.

The new regulator includes many of the features available on other Atomic Aquatics regulator models, including:

The minimalist-design first stage is precision machined from a solid Titanium alloy bar and has two high-pressure fixed ports and five low-pressure ports on a swivel cap. A new 4X yoke screw design secures it to the tank with just one turn. The patented Atomic Aquatics Comfort Swivel Hose is included.

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