The 9 Best Pipes for Smoking Weed (and CBD)
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The 9 Best Pipes for Smoking Weed (and CBD)

May 08, 2023

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Smaller than bongs, bigger than one-hitters and less complicated (and expensive) than vapes, pipes make a great middle ground.

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In this day and age, there are seemingly dozens of ways to enjoy your THC habit, ranging from traditional methods (like smoking a bong or one-hitter) to newer, more technology-focused ones (like dry herb and concentrate vaporizers). But sometimes, you just want an old standard to get yourself a few puffs. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially if you're picking from one of our favorite weed pipes.

With a lineage dating back to prehistory (evidence suggests that indigenous people in North America were potentially smoking tobacco as far back as the 1600s BCE), pipes are one of, if not the original way humanity smoked any kind of substance, be that tobacco, cannabis or otherwise. Today, they're an old standard among those who appreciate a puff or two from time to time. But with literally thousands of available options on the market, how do you pick the right one? Well, we did a bit of research and picked out a group to test out ourselves so that you, too, can find the best pipe for smoking weed (and CBD). Check them out below.

Though these devices are pretty simple, you'll still want to be familiar with their subsequent parts and how they work to figure out which one(s) may be best for you. For the most part, they come in four parts, which we've outlined below.

Bowl: Typically a rounded basin with a hole in the bottom (leading to the chamber), the bowl is the piece of a given pipe into which you put your cannabis that is to be lit and smoked, be that in the form of dried flower, concentrate or some combination therein.

Chamber: The section between the bowl and the mouthpiece, the chamber is the section within the pipe through which the smoke travels.

Mouthpiece: Sometimes a separate piece entirely, sometimes just the end of the pipe, sometimes somewhere in the middle, the mouthpiece is where you (you guessed it) place your lips to inhale the smoke from the pipe.

Carb: While not all pipes have a carb, they are a fairly common addition. This is usually a secondary hole near the bowl (usually on the side) which can be covered and uncovered by the user to regulate airflow in the pipe. An uncovered carb allows for greater airflow than a covered one.

As with any purchase, there are a few things to keep an eye out for when shopping for a pipe. Some will affect their functionality and others impact them strictly aesthetically, but all should be at least considered before you pull out your wallet. We've outlined some of the most common things to think about below.

Materials: The material out of which your pipe is made is pretty important, as it can influence numerous other metrics. Most commonly, pipes are made from glass — either entirely or in part — but they can also be made from wood, stone, metal, synthetics and combinations therein. There are even both historic and modern examples of pipes made from bone. Obviously, metal and synthetic pipes are usually the most durable, but those made from glass (especially borosilicate), stone and/or wood can still be plenty durable when well-crafted.

Size/Shape: Because there are no rules surrounding what constitutes a pipe as far as size and shape go, these devices can run the gamut. Some pipes are tiny enough to slip into even the most crowded of pockets and others are comically large (and wholly impractical). Some pipes look like, well, pipes and others might resemble a statue of Buddha or a mythical dragon or even a firearm. Really, it all depends on the maker's whims. Typically, however, pipes usually fit into the palm of one's hand and usually look not entirely dissimilar to classic tobacco pipes (or at least feature the same constituent parts). Just make sure you're checking the measurements and see if there are size comparison photos before you buy, so you're sure you're not in store for a surprise when your pipe arrives (unless that's what you want).

Price: This metric probably goes without saying but, like most anything, pipes can run from ultra-cheap (we're talking pennies on the dollar) to laughably expensive. Usually, this is impacted by a combination of their rarity, materials, craftsmanship, additional features, how innovative they are and even their brand name. Make sure you set a reasonable price range for yourself before you get to shopping.

Additional Features: As mentioned, there are a few necessary parts in order for an apparatus to qualify as a pipe. But there are additional bits that can be added on top of that. For instance, there are pipes with glycerin chambers to cool the smoke and others with built-in tools. Not all pipes have additional features, so those that do might edge out the competition should you deem them useful enough for yourself when put up against their cost.

What's the best way to test out a weed pipe? By smoking it, of course. And that's exactly what our testers have done throughout the last few weeks and months with those we got our hands on. Consideration has been given to their usefulness, convenience, construction quality, design and more. And they were careful to note any significant downsides and deal-breakers, as well as game-changers and sizeable bonuses. No bud was safe throughout the process.

With a design that reminded our tester of those "magic" boxes that can make a quarter disappear, Honest's Path Pipe doesn't really look like a pipe at all — which is a very good thing for those who appreciate discretion. However, slide the top of the rectangular device open and you'll reveal a little bowl. Slide it further and you'll see a clever maze-like channel running down the length of the device which serves as the pipe's chamber and actually cools the smoke as it travels from bowl to lungs.

And therein lies the brilliance of this pipe: it functions wonderfully, looks unique (and beautiful), is easy to clean and even comes with its own multi-tool (a simple rod you can use to clear the bowl and scrape the inner channels of resin). Our tester also loved that the pipe is very pocket-friendly (when closed, none of your weed will fall out) on top of being convenient and super easy to clean. And while some reviewers reported a bit of a bad seal (something to watch out for that the brand is happy to rectify), our reviewer didn't have this issue at all. As far as modern, design-forward pipes go, this one is as good as they come.

"Gorgeous" might be the word that comes to mind the first time you lay eyes on Tetra's Balance Pipe. And it would be exactly the right word, as this minimalist glass pipe is beautifully designed. Of course, that's just one of many things it has going for it. The design, for instance, also grants it a sturdy base, which our tester loved, noting that it is difficult to tip this pipe over by mistake, effectively stopping clumsy users from knocking their weed and ash out. It's also ergonomic, with an easily-palmed bowl and a carb that sits opposite the mouthpiece, making smoking from it a real treat.

It is worth mentioning that our tester found that this pipe does not exactly travel well. So, if you were looking for a piece you could pocket, this delicate option might not be your best bet. However, if you're in the market for an at-home pipe you can trust and will be proud to put on display, it will be difficult to find one as — you guessed it — gorgeous as this one.

Session Goods' cone-shaped pipe is compact, portable and fairly easy to clean. It has a decent-sized chamber for ground flower, with an ash-catching indent that rises up into the stem to prevent finely-ground flower from being pulled from the embering bowl into your mouth.

Our tester found the indent worked — something absent on earlier models — but small particulate still made its way around it. An easy way to avoid this is to grind your weed less finely, but that's hard to do with a standard grinder. The silicone wrapper, if you will, helped it be incognito in public settings, as evidenced by how it neatly hangs from our tester's hiking jacket.

Not everyone wants a pipe that looks like a pipe, which is exactly why Laundry Day's Tanjun looks a bit more like a piece of home decor — a fact that our tester, someone reticent to leave their paraphernalia out in the open, loved. And since it's made of Borosilicate glass, it is also lightweight and durable. There are a couple of things you'll want to be wary of, however. First, it is just as tall as it is long and, since it's so narrow, that makes it easy to tip over. Second, the bowl is large, but so is the path to the chamber — meaning finely-ground (or even not-so-finely-ground) flower could potentially fall through (the brand recommends using a screen). Luckily, our tester found that the pipe is also very easy to clean.

But if you can get past those couple of relatively minor inconveniences and you're a lover of unique, handmade designs, this might just be the pipe for you. It's also worth noting that this pipe is available in a wide variety of colorways (and a couple of different finishes), so you could even customize it to your (and your home's) style.

A brand-new offering from the folks behind our favorite one-hitter pipe, Vessel has taken the same handy Helix technology — a spiral-like chamber that helps cool the smoke as you pull it — and put it into a more traditional hand pipe. To call this piece gorgeous is a bit of an understatement and, as our tester found, it is extremely pleasant to use and easy to clean (thanks largely to its removable bowl).

The all-metal construction also makes this pipe incredibly durable, however, it does add quite a bit of weight. And while the mouthpiece is a little small, the overall experience is spectacular. That's aided by the deep bowl, which can hold a full gram of flower but still tapers down small enough for much less (ideal for those of us who only want a few hits here and there). It's a great addition to the brand's overall catalog and certainly carries the Helix torch well.

A common problem among many pipes is that, since the delivery path from bowl to lungs is so short, the smoke can be hot and possibly even burn. But that's where this pipe comes into play: it has a glycerin chamber that, when frozen, will cool the smoke on the way to your lips, delivering much smoother, cooler hits than most other pipes. It does require that the chamber (which separates from the bowl) be frozen, which can take a little time. But if you're patient, it makes for an exceptional smoking experience.

Of course, more pieces mean more things to potentially break, so this might not be the best pipe for anyone with a clumsy streak. Luckily, the removable bowl also means it's easier to clean out and remove the ash between bowls, which is one of the upsides to it having more parts — just weigh those pros and cons for yourself ahead of time. While we wouldn't call this a travel-friendly pipe (it is quite large), it makes for a unique, chill experience (pun intended) for those that want smoother smoke.

With its classic shape and array of vibrant colorway options, Eyce's Spoon Pipe has all the hallmarks of a traditional weed pipe — the kind you might see in the same room as blacklights and velvet posters of mushrooms. But it has one major difference: instead of being made from blown glass, this pipe is made from "platinum-cured" silicon. That means it's less rigid, more rugged, travels a lot better and is far less likely to break. Of course, it still has a removable borosilicate glass bowl, which is as sturdy as it is easy to clean.

Whether you're prone to dropping your paraphernalia or you just want something that's a bit more durable for travel, this pipe has you covered. Plus, it comes with a stash container lid and a poker tool to clear the bowl when it gets clogged, which are nice additions.

While we wouldn't necessarily call this a novelty pipe, it is named after a Lord of the Rings character and fits squarely into the wizard-shaped side of the weed pipes spectrum. However, it is still made from high-quality, durable borosilicate glass and that shape comes with a handy bonus: the length of the pipe helps cool the smoke as it's on its way to your lips. Just keep in mind: the size of this pipe means it simply will never travel very well — and we realize the irony of that, as Gandalf was a known traveler — but it does make for a great conversation piece if you host people in your home for a toke or two.

This simple silver pipe is the ideal piece for heading out into nature. The thing feels impossible to break thanks to a hefty titanium body and two-piece threaded bowl/stem. It's super easy to clean. The generously sized five-hole bowl burns smooth and even.

Our tester's favorite thing about it was its looks. The machined titanium reminded him of vintage bike components and blends in nicely with a rugged bike bag or camping kit. It looks and feels like a tool a professional craftsman might use. In other words, it's the perfect tool for the job.

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